No. 5 - Pure Hemp

No. 5 - Pure Hemp

Hemp, Mint & Nettle

: approx. 100 g

  • Freshness, energy, healthiness & medicinal herbs.

  • Soap No. 5 is an addition to our oil soap series and it`s as lively as a Mambo No. 5! The magical active hempseed oil added raw and pure at the right stage of production maintains all its properties providing ultimate goodness for the skin. The nettle is a popular herb with skin-friendly properties and the mint oil livens the body and soul’s freshness receptors.

    Should the soap’s fresh aroma tempt you to try it out on your hair, you’d be captivated by the invigorating feeling it leaves on your scalp. This is further enhanced by the nettle’s soothing effect. You can also enjoy a few other extras due to the nettle’s special properties – stimulated hair growth, reduced oiliness and that special healthy shine!

  • Contains also plenty of Coconut oil. Hand-made and truly vegan.


  • healthy revitalised skin
  • good for very sensitive skin
  • suitable for kids
  • stretch-marks prevention
  • long-term skin healing effect

How to use

Apply directly on the skin when taking a shower or use with a bath sponge.

The smiling is always a must for best effects!


Contains: Fresh oils: Hemp seed Oil, Mint Essential Oil; Herbs: Nettle leaves powder; Saponified oils: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rapeseed oil, Palm oil.


Short story for No.5 - PURE HEMP

Its name comes in relation with the contents of the soap and its feels. PURE associates with clean, virgin, unstained and HEMP is of course the plant. Or in other words just a purely healthy hemp-based creation.

SEVOA and Handmade Soaps

At the end of 2015 we realized that because we’re producing a wide variety of oils there was the possibility for us to start producing soaps. The soap ingredients are oils and herbs but the process of making them isn’t that simple. It involves stirring, pouring into soap moulds, drying, cutting and drying again. It is a slow manual process but well worth the wait. Sometimes we have problems in the production process and the soap bars don’t always resemble the souvenirs or cupcakes that we’d planned but that’s all part of the business...