Apricot oil

Apricot oil

the skin moisturizer

: 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

  • Freely absorbed and suitable for dry and normal skin types.

  • With its exceptional hydrating properties it can be used undiluted or as a base for a number of creams, lotions, soaps, massage oils etc.

  • Contains vitamins A, C, E, proteins and potassium.


  • massage and aromatherapy
  • softens and nourishes the skin
  • excellent to use after epilation
  • helps with dark circles under the eyes
  • pregnancy stretch marks prevention
  • used as a base for creams, lotions, masks, soaps etc.

How to use

For natural hydration and skin intensive nourishment. Apply a moderate amount of the oil to the desired area and gently massage into the skin. The oil has moderate skin absorbency depending on your skin type.

An excellent substitute for hand creams.

It is often used as a base in natural nourishing cosmetic products, in high-grade massage oils and aromatherapy products.

For other applications use your imagination freely.


Ingredients (INCI): Purely cold-pressed oil of Apricot Kernels (100% Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil). All produced by us. Surely, no additives or preservatives.